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Your 2017/18 Course Reps are here

You have elected the following Course Reps to represent you academically at DMU next academic year.

Art, Design and Humanities
Business and Law
Health and Life Sciences

Art, Design and Humanities

Course Name
Architecture Narreddi Surya Narreddi 2nd
Architecture Benjamin Harrell 3rd
Creative Writing Harjit Singh 2nd
Design Craft Holly Mai Burton 3rd
English Payge Cassidy Temple 3rd
English and Creative Writing Adil Lakhani 3rd
English Literature Ella McGill 3rd
Interior Design Ghefar Elbasha 3rd


Business and Law

Course Name
Account and Economics Sukhvinder Chatta 2nd
Accounting and Business Management Ladan Farah 3rd
Accounting and Finance VivienneNwankwo 2nd (Masters)
Accounting and Finance Chen Chen 3rd
Accounting and Finance Xinxin ZHANG 3rd
Advertising and marketing Randy Putra 2nd
Business and Globalisation Thomas Chapman 2nd
Business and Management Madeline Swinden 3rd
Business and Management Studies Hazel Perry 2nd (PHD)
Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Simon Glennon 2nd
Law and criminal justice Laura Leslie 3rd
LLB Law Sarah Burdett 3rd 
LLB Law Shayoni Basu 2nd
Marketing Abbie Johnson 2nd
Marketing Charlotte Boyd 2nd
Politics Lydia Turner 2nd
Politics Chris Segal 3rd


Health and Life Sciences

Course Name
Biomedical Science Paige Tongue 3rd
Biomedical Science Mohammed Saddighani 3rd
Biomedical Science Garbriella Otim-Oyet 2nd
Biomedical Science Stefania Vodita 2nd
Chemistry Devki Parmar 3rd
Criminology and Criminal Justice with Psychology Lauren Hemsley 2nd
Health Studies Kelly Scott 3rd
Health Studies Savannah Dowse 3rd
Healthcare Science (Audiology) Mehwish Khokhar 2nd
Journalism and Politics Rachael Pengelly 2nd
Medical Science; Amber Hussain 3rd
Medical Science; Lara Fontainhas 3rd
Mental Health Nursing  Lindsay Greaves 2nd
Nursing with NMC registration Williams Ibi 3rd
Nursing with NMC registration Jonathan Bousie 3rd
Nursing with NMC registration Stephen Jerry Aduachie 3rd
Nursing with Registration, Mental Health Katherine Baxter-Harris 2nd
Pharmacy Retsepile Patience Lepheane 2nd
Pharmacy Alisha Mistry 2nd
Pharmacy AishahKhan 2nd
Pharmacy Muhammad Aadil Buchya 3rd
Pharmacy Noor Mohammed 3rd
Pharmacy Amy Katiti 3rd
Physics Nathan Maple 3rd
Policing` Luke Eden-Walker 2nd
Psychology with Education Studies Samantha Cure 2nd
Psycology Samira Ahmed 3rd
Psycology Elizabeth stokes 3rd
Single Honours Psychology Ella Godfrey 2nd
Social Work Emma Knights 3rd


Course name
Audio and Recording Technology George Sliver 2nd
Computer Science Alys Phimister 2nd
Computer Science Edmar Machado 2nd
Journalism and Politics Rachael Pengelly 2nd
Mechanial Engineering Prabhav Pathak 2nd
Mechanial Engineering Jonathan Hackett 2nd
Media and Communications Maanya Rai 2nd
Media Production Alexander Norman 2nd
Music Technology Dylan Devlin 2nd
Communication Arts Benjamin Cree 3rd
Communication Arts Sam Jones 3rd
Computer Security Andrew Rose 3rd
Game Art Design BethanyFish 3rd
Graphic Design and Illustration Laura Evans 3rd
Intelligent Systems Jonluke Rider 3rd
Maths Urvee Karsanji 3rd
Mechanical Engineering  James Baker 3rd
Mechanical Engineering Nizamuddin Patel 3rd