Women's Representative

Your De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Women’s Officer this year is Lauren Thomas.

Lauren is a third year Dance student and a member of the DMU Saints Cheerleading squad. She’s been dancing since the age of four and has competed at an international level in hip hop. She loves music, art, fashion, and basically anything that uses creativity and as a form of expression.

Lauren says “I couldn’t think of anything more dreadful than being boring!! I’d rather be me and not be for everyone, than be like everyone and not be me! I try to be as positive and as loving as possible as I truly believe you get back the same energy you give out and if you add value to the people around you they will give to you in return.”

Lauren sees herself as a gender equality representative rather than just a women’s representative. One of her ambitions in life is to have an impact on issues surrounding gender and change the way people think. Lauren believes we are all born equal and therefore should be entitled to equal rights and opportunities, free from prejudice and judgement.

Lauren wants to continue to support the ‘This Girl Can’ campaign by encouraging female students to get involved with our fantastic sports teams. She also aims to expand the campaign by getting more students to try something new that they may not have even considered before. Lauren would also like to raise the profile of DSU Advice and DMU welfare services, as she knows a lot of students may be in need of help throughout their studies but either unaware of the support offered or afraid to seek the help they need.

In Lauren's manifesto she promised to wok on these key areas:

  • Supporting the "This Girl Can" campaign
  • Supporting issues facing students of all genders


You can get in touch with Dan on Twitter @DSU_Women, on email at lauren.thomas@dmu.ac.uk