Money Saving Tips

18 ways to save money as a student!

Here are our top tips for saving £££ whilst at uni. Have some ideas of your own to sahre?  Tweet us on @demontfortsu using #NSMW17  #WasteNotWantNot 

  1. Hold a swish between friends – swap clothes for a ‘new’ outfit without going shopping
  2. Mend/alter clothes rather than replacing them – SUpplies shop offers an alteration service.  It costs from £11.99 to replace the broken zip in your jeans – cheaper than a new pair!
  3. Repurpose items you would otherwise throw away; for example a humble jar is so useful.
  4. Make sure you recover your tenancy deposit when you move out.  Seek help from DSU Advice.
  5. Claim a TV Licence refund if your licenced student property was vacant for 3 months over the summer.  
  6. Purchase an NUS Extra card from DSU reception or online.  It costs just £12 and entitles you to student discounts in loads of shops and websites.
  7. Fill out the HC1 form to be assessed for free or reduced price health costs such as prescriptions, dental treatment and optical care.
  8. Download a free budgeting app to help you manage your money. 
  9. Check out this student money saving magazine:  Student Money Matters
  10. See these top tips for saving money on food: savvy shopper crafty cook
  11. Sell your old handset, last year’s textbooks, unwanted gifts, box sets you’ve watched and clothes you no longer wear. Not only will you benefit from de-cluttering but you could amass a tidy pile of cash in the process!
  12. Bring in leftovers and re-heat them in the DSU heat and eat microwaves – for free!
  13. Shop at Leicester Market for abundant fresh fruit and veg at low prices, and further reductions around 4:00 pm as the market is closing.
  14. Participate in the DMU Campus 3 30 programme to get your exercise - for free.
  15. Get free condoms from the DSU SHH clinic
  16. Maximise your income:  Before borrowing, check that you are receiving the full funding available, including Student Finance, bursaries and welfare benefits.  Consider a part-time job to supplement this – see Unitemps for available opportunities.  If you are experiencing financial difficulty, seek advice on charitable funds that you might be eligible for.
  17. Reduce your expenditure:  Complete a financial statement (available from DSU Advice) so you can see where your money goes, and think about adjustments that you can make.  This might involve using price comparison sites to switch energy supplier (with the permission of your landlord) or changing tariff.  You can also compare deals for your phone contract and insurance policies. If you are in debt, seek advice on negotiating affordable repayments.
  18. DSU Advice offers year-round advice and help regarding budgeting and debt management.