Genital Warts

Genital Warts are small fleshy growths that appear around the genitals and anal area. Transmission can occur without having penetrative sex and you can pass on the infection by skin to skin contact. This makes it difficult to be completely protected by condoms because of the skin around the genital area that is not covered by the condom can become infected.
Common places for the genital warts to develop for females
  • Around the opening of the vagina
  • Inside the vagina
  • Between the vagina and anus
  • On the cervix or the opening of the urethra
Common places for the genital warts to develop for males
  • On the shaft of the penis, usually below the foreskin or under the foreskin
  • Around the anus
  • Inside the urethra
  • Between the anus and the scrotum
The treatment that may be offered is a cream to be applied directly to the warts or through laser treatment.
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Getting tested

If you think you have Genital Warts you should visit your local GUM Clinic or local GP who through examination will be able to diagnose the infection. For more information about where to get tested follow this link.