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Do you know you can get free immigration advice from the Students’ Union? DSU Welfare can help you with any immigration queries you have during your time here at De Montfort. 

Advice on extending your student visa

We can check your form and documents, give you advice on the immigration rules you will need to meet and we can post your application to the UK Border Agency (UKVI) for you. This means that the Centre will deal with any queries the UKBA may have about your application on your behalf and all of your documents will be returned to us.

Working while studying

If you want to work part time while studying, you need to make sure you have permission to do so. We can check your right to work and give you advice on getting a National Insurance Number.

Working after you finish your course

Many students want to stay in the UK to work after they finish their course. If you want to do this, we can advise on the different working schemes available to students.  

Travel to other countries

If you want to visit Europe or other countries such as the United States, it’s likely that you will need to apply for a visa before travelling. Advice is available from us on how to apply for Schengen visas and permission to visit other countries.

Inviting visitors to the UK

Especially at graduation time but also throughout the year, international students want to invite their family and friends to the UK to visit them. We can give advice about the application process visitors need to go through to travel to the UK.

Bringing family members to the UK

Many students like their family to be here in the UK when they are studying. If you need advice on bringing your spouse or children to the UK as your dependants, we can advise on the process to do this and the rules that they need to meet.

These are just a few of the many queries we can help with. Please contact the centre if you need help with any of the issues above or anything else! You can find our contact details here.

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