House Viewing

Once you’re ready to start looking at properties, DSU have created a Housing Checklist that you can use when you’re walking round properties to tick off when you see something, or asked a certain question. It might seem like a lot, but there’s lots to consider when moving into a property!

You can download this checklist here and print it out.

External features

  • Does the exterior of the property appear well maintained? (Look for broken guttering, roof damage, cracked windows panes and solid front and back doors)

  • Are all outside walls look in good condition?

  • Are there enough bins for the property, including recycling?

  • Is the garden well maintained and clear of any rubbish?

  • Who is responsible for maintenance of the garden?

Internal features

  • Is there enough communal living space?

  • Are the bedrooms big enough for you all?

  • Does the interior of the property appear well maintained?

  • Is the furniture in good condition?

  • Are there signs of damp or mould?

  • Any signs of pests? (Check in cupboard and around exterior doors)

  • Are there enough facilities, such as toilets and sinks, for the number of tenants?

  • Does the property have an up to date Gas Safety Certificate you can see?

  • How does the heating work? Is it a storage heater or a normal radiator?

  • Is there sufficient heating throughout the property?

  • Can the windows lock and keep the property secure?

Questions to ask

  • Who is our point of contact if something goes wrong?

  • What expenses are included, and what is extra?

  • Is it possible to have the walls repainted?

  • How much is the deposit and when does it have to be in?

  • If there is a deposit: Where will the deposit be held? Ensure your deposit is being kept in a legal Tenancy Deposit scheme, anything other than a ‘tenancy deposit’ is not legally secure and should be questioned.

  • How much are the admin fees?

  • Do you need a guarantor?

  • Can you see a copy of the contract you’ll have to sign?

  • How much does it cost to replace a lost key?

  • Can you talk to any current tenants? (Ask them about their experiences, repair times, whether they liked it)