In term time:

Fire, Furniture and Electrical Safety

  • Call 999 in case of an emergency

  • Make sure your Gas Safety Certificate is up to date

  • Check your plug sockets are free from cracks and damage

  • Ensure your smoke alarms work, that they are in the correct places and there is a fire blanket available

  • See that your furniture is fire-resistant with a label attached to confirm this

  • Ensure there is a clear, safe and uncluttered means of escape from the building

Carbon Monoxide

The main cause of carbon monoxide poisoning is usually faulty gas appliances. All landlords must have their gas appliances checked every 12 months. It is also good to buy a carbon monoxide detector and place it by your boiler or within your kitchen.

Out of term time

When going home for the holidays make sure you:

  • Lock all the windows and doors

  • Remove any expensive belongings from eyesight

  • Tell your Landlord you will not be in the property and if they will go round and check on it

  • Buy a Timer Plug so the lights in your property turn on and off

  • Inform your neighbours you are leaving and to be aware of any strange activity