Moving Out

As well as all the activity you have to undertake when moving in, there is also a lot you should do when moving out. This is especially important to reclaiming any deposit you have on the property!

  • Check your tenancy agreement for moving out and deposit return arrangements
  • Start packing in advance and pack away carefully!
  • Ensure all waste has been removed from the property (including any gardens/yards)
  • Repair/replace anything which has been broken
  • Think about donating or recycling any items you do not need
  • Let relevant organisations know you are moving house, this might include your: bank, Phone Company, GP, dentists, the University and energy suppliers.
  • Inform Royal Mail and your landlord of your forwarding address. For Royal Mail this can be done here.
  • Wipe walls to remove grime, vacuum carpets and mop floors
  • Defrost the freezer and clean the fridge, when empty leave the door open
  • Recheck the inventory and arrange the inspection with your landlord
  • Take pictures of the house and final meter readings once you’ve cleaned and removed your possessions, just in case there are any disputes over the condition the house has been left in.
  • Keep all your documents, lock up and return all of the keys!