Colour Therapy

It’s easy to apply a touch of colour therapy for an instant mood change.

You could improve your mood simply by strategically selecting the colours you wear and have around you.

You can purchase coloured acetates from the DSU shop and you could hang these in your window to create tinted sunlight refractions just like a stained glass window.

You could instead try making yourself a light jar which works in the same way.  Simply get a glass jar (a pint glass also works well!) and fill it with water. Next you need to either paint the outside in a thin layer of paint in your chosen colour, or else tinted clear plastic wrapped around the outside and secured with elastic bands. Then all you need to do is cover the top and put it on a windowsill. Watch the sunlight stream through the window, hit the jar, and fill your room with a soothing glow.

During the evening or winter months you can put your jar in front of a bright lamp to create the same effect.

Natural light is very important for wellbeing.  Natural light helps your body to regulate your circadian rhythms, using the hormones of serotonin and melotonin.  Exposure to sunlight also enables your body to produce Vitamin D which helps your body to absorb Calcium for bone health.  Vitamin D deficiency is very common, particularly in winter and this can contribute to low mood.  The good news is that you can easily top-up your levels without risking the damaging effects of tanning - just moderate sunlight for a few minutes during the middle of the day will do, but you do need to be outside to get the benefits!