Rugby (womens)

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At DMU Women's Rugby we pride ourselves on being one of the only sports teams who welcome complete beginners with very open arms. It doesn't matter about your age, size, shape or ability you are, we firmly believe there is a place for everyone on the pitch and within our rugby family.


We've had many successes these past years with having the opportunity to visit New York City, having personal tours around Yale University and a training session with their top gym coach. Aswell as a trip to china earlier on this year, to play against one of their top womens teams. Coming second place in the tounaments that took place over the week, playing rugby in 30 degree heat each day.


Not to mention the fact we were undefeated in the 2018/19 season, winning every match and moving up the ranks to play against faster, stronger teams. Are we scared? No! This is beacuse we too are fasteer and stronger and our tactics are smarter. Within all these highs there's also been some slight slows, but we don't let them drag us down, we acknowledge where we made mistakes and we turn them into a positive. We use our mistakes so we know what to improve on. Finally, everyone makes mistakes! If we loose a match, never once will it be placed on one person or the forwards or the backs, we win together, we lose together. 

Every year we play our varsity matches at the Leicester Tigers stadium, it's a great day to get the family over to watch you play. This is something to look forward to and push you to work harder as the team list is strict and only the individuals where it is clear they've pushed themselves all year round, will be worthy of a spot on this team.

Many, if not most, members that join our team have no previous experience in the sport, we thrive off capturing how our new members grow into a great rugby player. If you are unsure whether the sport will be your forte, come along to the taster sessions during and after freshers week, you will get a chance to meet the team and the committee, make new friends, as well as play some rugby and see how you feel. The information for these sessions will be up on our social media accouts which are started below, please go check them out, follow them and we can't wait to properly meet you all.

We train every Monday night and matches are on wednesdays, but don't worry if you can't make every one, we fully believe that your degree comes first! There are other sessions throughout the week you can attend, to allow you to improve on your rugby skills. More so, there are strength and conditioning sessions available to improve either your strength or cardio/stamina. We also put on a theory session once in a while to allow everyone to broaden their knowledge of the rules, making sure the team confidently know the game. Don't worry if you find the skills side of things tricky though, there's always a second or third year who will be very happy to help.

But we don't just play rugby, if taking part in a sport isn't your cup of tea, then join us for our socials every Wednesday evening. It's a great chance to have fun, meet new people and make new friends. The words 'time travel' and 'fancy dress' will soon have a whole new meaning to you. 


From Fine Art students to Nurses, policing students to business students, we've got it all! If all of that sounds right up your street then you can get in touch with us by sending us a message on our Facebook page.

You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram.


Ellie Lilliott
Charity Secretary
Debra Emsen
Health & Safety
Eron Wooltorton
Yves Delaney
Kara Twyford
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