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Welcome to sport at DMU!

Please only buy the Sports Membership if you're ready to do the beginner's course, or become a full member! The Sports Membership is NOT automatic membership to the Archery Club!
If this is your first year - CLICK HERE  and like the Official DMU Archery Club page!

We’re in our seventh year of official sports status here at DMU Archery, and we’re aiming high!

Our outstanding performance in Division 2 of our regional university league, BUTTS (Birmingham University Toxophily & Toucan Society), has promoted us to Division 1! Expect hard competition against some of the best university archery clubs in the UK and lots of new friends to be made. Opportunities to represtent the university are frequent with the club being involved in local competitons as well. Some of the events you could be attending are; BUCS (British Univeristy and College sport) Indoor and Outdoor, field archery, the Countesthorpe Triple, Clout, British Indoor National Championships, Varsity.....

However, if you’re new to archery, you’ll want to take part in our beginner’s course, hosted by our partner club LAOFAC. All the kit is provided and every archer only needs to take a course like this once in their life, so why not take the opportunity with us? Information about these courses will be provided as soon as we know on our social media pages! Just buying a membership to the club does not let you shoot with us, you'll need evidence that you've completed a beginners course before.

Your membership covers affiliation costs with the regional and county clubs and your ArcheryGB membership, a form of insurance that allows you to take part in competitions and shoot at any ArcheryGB club nationally. For an additional charge, you could have access to shoot outside at LAOFAC 24/7.


How to join BUCS guide:/asset/Organisation/8546/BUCS-sign-up-GUIDE.pdf

DMU vs UoL Beginners Tournament (10/12/22) :/asset/Organisation/8546/Beginners-Tournament-Results.pdf




We have an indoor venue on DMU Campus at the Watershed Sports Hall, which is located less than a five-minute walk away from the Student Union!



Tuesdays 20:00 - 22:00 (session 1), Sundays 13:00 - 17:00 (session 2)

Social nights are Fridays



Chair - Peter Wan

Secretary - Jess Wood

Treasurer - Millie Rees

Welfare officer- Rafal Szczotka



Equipment Officer - 

Records Officer- 

Social Secretary -

So if you are interested contact us via one of the methods below!

Main contacts for the club:

Email -

Facebook - @DMUArchery

Instagram - @dmu_archery

Twitter - @DMUArchery


Team DMU at BUTTS Outdoors 2019


  Portsmouth WA 18 WA 70 WA1440
Men's Recurve 555- Josh Dudley (2019) 384- Craig Dowey (2017)   819 - Stuart Lowe (2019)
Ladies Recurve 575- Ffion Edgeley (2020) 534- Ffion Edgeley (2020) 607- Ffion Edgeley (2020) 1122- Ffion Edgeley (2019)
Men's Barebow 552- Chris Norwood (2019) 463- Chris Norwood (2019)   466 - Chris Norwood (2019)
Ladies Barebow 535- Tia Mullholand (2019) 449- Tia Mullholand (2019)    
Men's Compound 557 - Mateusz Weclawowicz (2022) 544 - Mateusz Weclawowicz (2022)    
Ladies Compound 550- Joanna Clapka (2020) 523- Joanna Clapka (2020)    
Men's Longbow 292- Callum Kyffin (2019)      
Ladies Longbow        
Novice Men's Recurve 531- Matt Guiver (2019)      
Novice Ladies Recurve 528- Joanna Clapka (2018)      
Novice Men's Barebow 540- Mateusz Weclawowicz(2019) 514- Mateusz Weclawowicz (2020)    
Novice Ladies Barebow 470 - Shannon Donnelly (2018)      
Novice Men's Compound        
Novice Ladies Compound        
Novice Men's Longbow        
Novice Ladies Longbow        


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Founded by Josh Dudley, Aaron Hodges, and Sophie Coleman - Est. 2014
Peter Wan
Health & Safety
Rafal Szczotka
Jess Wood
Millie Rees
Jessica Wilson
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