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We bring everyone interested in the Tamil culture together.

Tamil society is there for getting all the Tamil and non-Tamil students together. It provides an opportunity to learn about the Tami culture and heritage. As well as getting to know each other and make new friends!
Regular sessions will include learning about the Tamil culture, history, fine arts. We will be having socials, dinner socials, sports events, movie night etc. As a society we will create events in the idea of bringing students together to showcase their talents. The aim is to bring out the talents and give them a platform. It is aimed at Tamil students at DMU however all student from DMU are welcome. Also collaboration with University of Leicester Tamil society will happen in order to get to know more students and create bigger socials and events. Of course our biggest show Ayiram Nilavu which is a traditional show that happens at DMU every year with the collaboration University of Leicester Tamil society. 

We want to unite as a group for good causes such as fundraising, creating events to raise money and at the same time getting students together. There are a lot of Tamil students scattered across the University and having a Tamil society unites them together and enable them to make friends. This way first, second and third years can share their experience and also provide support. Not just Tamil students but also non-Tamil students are welcome. It is more about creating diverse society and celebrating together.


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