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The Film Debate society has recently been set up and we aim to make debating and talking about film in a knowledgable way much more fun and entertaining!

We all have opinions and unpopular opinions on certain directors, actors, franchises and individual movies and the society aims to provide a voice to those students in a safe environment whereby their opinions can be challenged and maybe even changed, who knows, you may change a couple of minds along the way as well! 

It aids structuring of arguments, which is incredibly helpful towards essays within class, whether you study film, media or even psychology! 

You do not need to be a film student or have a huge knowledge range of film, you simply have to be interested in films and the importance of divisive opinions! Plenty of learning will be done along the way, but is not enforced and it gives you a great chance to mingle with other students and build self-confidence in an expressive way like no other!

We meet every Tuesday and screen a film fortnightly, alternating between showing the movie and then debating a topic related to that movie the following week. These will take place in Duffys bar, just round the corner from its sister bar Firebug. Screenings start at 17:00-20:00 and the debates are 18:00-20:00.

Winning teams get prizes including free drinks from Duffy's, who we are soon to be affiliated with, and much more!

There is a facebook group for members and a public Facebook page. If you would like to be added to the group or learn more, just contact Phoebe or a member of the team over the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter page (DMU Film Debate) or on the email via

Membership is just £4.00 for the whole year, which covers screenings and snacks and prizes that you will have the chance to win every other week! So come on down and join us if you are as fanatical about film and arguing as we are!! 

Connor Hawkins
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