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DMU Polish Society came back after a long time to De Montfort University again!

Although we just started and registered our society, we have lots to offer for anyone, who is interested in developing with us!


One of our goals is to show up and take part in 9th Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK. You can find out why is it worthy by joining to the event on FB fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/events/530208960486421/.


Also, we are planning cooperation with EAVA radio, which can turned our to be a great opportunity for those, who are studying Media Production or similar courses, but not only that. Thanks to our invention, everyone can face new challenges and situations. Apart from the radio project, we are cooperating with Project Polska - a community organisation working towards social cohension. For more information read here: https://www.facebook.com/projectpolskaleics.


Of course, as a society focused on young students we are also offering some fun from time to time throwing out parties and so on. If you have any ideas, you can come and share with us, what would you implement in social life, and together we can make your plan come true!


Although we are registered officially from January 2016 we must admit that we have started out meetings successfully already on December. The whole idea met with enthusiasm among Polish students and for this and many more reasons we are planning to develop our society and provide everyone with as much experience, new challenges, and fun, as we can :)


Are you interested?

Well, come and join us on our weekly Tuesday meetings.


We invite you to get registered with us. However registration requires payment, we can guarantee you that you will receive more than the value of £5!


You can follow us on FB:


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