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Welcome to DMU's Music Society page. Here you'll find all information regarding the society including weekly meetings, monthly showcases and any other news relevant. You can also e-mail us at:

Or find us on:





DMU Music Society is open to musicians from all backgrounds, regardless of skill and experience level, who want to get on stage and perform, work with other musicians and meet people with similar interests. Whether you have played drums in numerous touring bands, performed violin in a school orchestra, or only ever sang in the shower, if you want to further explore your musical abilities then we'd be more than happy to have you.

EVERY TUESDAY, from 6-8pm, members meet at FIREBUG on Millstone Lane. These meetings alternate between open mic, in which members are encouraged to perform something new on stage, group work, in which members work together to produce a piece to perform at the end of the meeting, and open jams, where members are welcome to come on stage and play an unrehearsed piece with other musicians within the society. Our first meeting of the 2017-18 year is on Tuesday 3rd October 2017 and is open to all students who are considering joining the society.

EVERY MONTH we hold a showcase at THE COOKIE, in which members perform up to 4 songs. Each showcase is themed, and all acts must perform at least one piece that relates to the theme. These evenings are open to the public, so bring friends, family and fans along to watch.

For 2017-2018 DMU Music Society has teamed up with our favourite music shop, Intasound Leicester, meaning all our fabulous members will get in store discount on everything from a set of guitar strings to a full blown PA system. The shop is on Narborough Road, literally a five minute walk from campus and sells everything you will ever need for your musical adventures. We also have got the deal of the century with Nik from The Cookie, in which gigs put on at: The Cookie, Firebug, Duffy’s, Dryden Street Social and even the O2 Academy are £5 with your society membership card.

If any of the above isn't enough to convince you then how about being safe in the knowledge you are joining the 2017 DSU SOCIETY OF THE YEAR!

If you have any questions about DMU Music Society and what we do, please do not hesitate to get in touch!!




Matthew James Coll
Health & Safety
Molly-Rose Southan
Lee Allen
Social Secretary
Alexander Peter Serna
Samuel David Rodmell
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