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The Creative Writing Society is coming into its fourth Academic year, hooray!

We have a lot planned to improve this year, we want to enhance the writing experience for all types of writers. Whether you're a beginner trying out a haiku, or a group of friends ready to renga, as long as you want to write, you'll be more than ready for the society! Every Tuesday at 5.30pm, we will be offering workshops which will help bring new skills to develop writers, some workshops we shall be writing in workshops, some will be feedback workshops (the chance for you to bring your own work) and others will be performance workshops. 

This year we've got lots of activities planned, from our open mic nights at The Font, workshops for both beginners and experienced writers, raising money for charities such as Action Homeless, to lots of social events throughout the year, including our socials every Thursday, cocktail nights, going out for meals, and other events such as comedy nights!

We are also working on a publication and would love for lots of entries to be put forward. 

For your £3, you'll be given the opportunity to grow enormously as a writer, try new things which you wouldn't usually, and meet a load of new friends along the way! 

If you want to ask any questions about the society, feel free to email the society at 

~ Nominated for a DSU Societies Award 2013-14 ~ Most Improved Society ~

~ Nominated for a two DSU Societies Awards, 2014-15 ~ Most Improved Society and Most Active Society Member~


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