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Are you interested/ curious about heavier-than-air flight! Regardless of your course, DMU Flyers welcomes you!!

Our main aims as a club are to:

  • Boost knowledge & interest in the aviation and aeronautics industry!

  • Provide a social setting to discuss your course and work closely as a team!

  • Give insight towards the functioning of an engineering organisation, working through a typical project lifecycle to design and manufacture an aircraft!

We meet on a weekly basis, to catch up and discuss all things aviation!

DMU Flyers is supported by the CEM faculty and participates in the international competition, IMechE's UAS Challenge, providing team members with vital project experience in engineering and aeronautics.

Join us and we guarantee you will graduate with valuable knowledge and experience as well as friends for life!

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn under the username @DMUFlyers! See you there :)




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