Student in the Spotlight: Toni Mallin

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Love sport? Play in BUCS? Coach or manage a team? Play with Campus330? We're going to be picking one DMU student each week, as our ‘Student in the Spotlight’, to celebrate their successes, achievements and discover a bit more about them!

This week we’re joined by Toni ‘T’ Mallin, a Third Year DMU student studying Criminology and Crime Justice. Toni is a Right Midfielder for DMU Women’s Football Team and Captain. Let’s find out a bit about her!

Tell us a little about your sporting background and how you got involved within sport.
My mum and dad were a massive influence in me getting involved with sport, as they were sporty individuals themselves. I always seem destined to get involved with some kind of sport being brought up in that environment. At the age of three, I went to dance lessons and by the age of seven I was hooked on football. My dad set up a football team, and was manager, so I played in that team for a few years playing against boys and loved it!

At the age of 14, I represented West Yorkshire County FA and was spotted by Huddersfield Town Ladies FC.  At the age of 16, at the National Championships I got injured and tore my ACL [anterior cruciate ligament], and was out for 18 months. I was devastated but I managed to bounce back and have since represented Leicester City Ladies.

Toni (with her Captain’s armband) getting involved in a DMU Women’s Football pre-match selfie!

So when you came to DMU, did you want to join Women’s Football?
Yes – 100%. I had done some research about my course and research to see if there was a women’s football team and found out there was! This was the deciding factor in why I came to DMU. I remember turning up for football trials and being the first one there, as I was super early – very keen!

How have DMUWFC progressed since you have been at DMU?
Well, when I first joined three years ago, we had one team and about 11 or 12 regular players, so were just scraping a side together. In comparison to where we are now, we have made massive strides. We now have 61 registered members with two teams entered into BUCS plus a development team. So far this has been our most successful year, so I hope that can continue into the New Year.

Any stand out personal/team successes since you have been at DMU?
Obviously winning Varsity in 2014 has to up there! I am also proud to see how much Women’s Football has grown at DMU and to be part of that, it has been awesome. Being captain is a great honour and has given me a lot of confidence as a person. Also winning most committed and dedicated member of a sports team at Colours was amazing and totally unexpected. 

Why should any aspiring footballers join DMUWFC?
We really are one massive family! We do everything together on and off the pitch, and the atmosphere within our group is amazing. Even if you are not the most talented player in the world, there will always be a place for you in DMUWFC. It sounds cheesy but you really do make friends for life and I would encourage anyone who comes to University to join a sports team or society, as you will have the best three years of your life!

What is next for you?
I want to play football for as long as I physically can, and I really don’t want to leave DMU! Further down the line I want to use my degree to become a police officer (hopefully).

Thanks Toni, and good luck from all at DSU!

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