Statement regarding coronavirus associated incidents

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De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) have recently heard of reported incidents whereby Chinese/East Asian students have been targeted, the victims have reported that this is happening due to the rise in concerns surrounding the coronavirus. As far as we are aware no such incidents have happened with any DMU student or on DMU grounds, we wish to completely re-iterate that we have absolutely no tolerance for these acts of hate within our community.

We encourage all students to report any incidents to 101, and we want to remind you that we have 24/7 security presence on campus. Should you feel the need to call them, you can do so on the number 0116 257 7642 and they will be more than happy to support and advise you.

We want to remind all students that we are a community, and that it is our duty to ensure that we are active bystanders should we see any situation begin to arise. Student safety is our absolute priority and we want to re-assure any students that may be concerned by this news, and welcome you all to come and chat to us at any time.


Your Executive Officer Team,

Diya Rattanpal, Equality and Diversity Executive

Laura Flowers, Academic Representation Executive

Aisha Ismail, Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive

Katie Hobbs, Welfare Executive 



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