#ReFreshers16 Preview: Detox Day

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Students are being challenged to shake off their hangovers and start living more healthily as part of DSU’s Detox Day this Thursday.

Keira Rounsley, VP Welfare and Community at DSU, has organised the event – part of DSU’s #ReFreshers16 Week – and said that there are plenty of things on offer that will not only help students relax, but to also understand the benefits of detoxing and living a healthier lifestyle.

 She said: “We thought that after Christmas, with all of the students going home and eating loads of rubbish and drinking, we’d have a detox day.

“We are running a day with things like massages and making your own smoothies.

“We’ve got as nutritionist coming in, and there’s just loads of little things that detox your body and help you know how to eat healthy on a budget.

“It’s from 10 until 4 and we are going to transform our Lounge into a chill-out space, with beanbags, a ball pit and head scratchers.

“So that’s going to be a chill-out zone for students to hang out and to try and get more students to come into their SU.

“Downstairs, we’ll have a nutritionist, who’ll be talking to students about how they can eat healthy on a budget, and challenge them to make their own smoothies.”

Keira said that students sometimes don’t realise the effects of drinking and eating badly, and the detrimental impact it can have on not only their health, but their studies, too.

She added: “I think it’s really important for students to have some time off drinking and eating rubbish because it can really affect mental health as well and can really make you feel sluggish.

“You’re not learning as much.

“I think it’s important students realise what the effects this can have on their body and their stress levels, and that eating right, drinking enough water and getting enough sleep is good for people!”

Find out more about what’s happening during #ReFreshers16 here.


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