Pay for a takeaway, not an essay! Contract Cheating explained

Pay for a takeaway, not an essay! Contract Cheating explained

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Contract Cheating is not tolerated at De Montfort University (DMU) and it is soon to be made illegal in the UK. 

You might have heard it more commonly being referred to as essay mills, ghost writers or simply, the act of paying or finding someone else to write your assessment. Contract Cheating is done with the intent to purchase work that has been written planned or amended by an external party with the aim to submit the work as the individuals own. It could be a family member, friend, stranger or service who completes this for them. 

Contract Cheating is an Academic Offence which means it is like a “University crime”. Similarly, to normal crimes, Contract Cheating holds consequences. 



If you partake in any act of Contract Cheating, there are multiple penalties and consequences you could face within the university but also financially and personally. For example, you could experience; 

  • Exclusion from DMU 

  • Legal complications 

  • Blackmail 

  • Fraud 

  • Wasted money 

  • Personal data theft (bank details, passwords, addresses) 

  • Future employment struggles 

The university has high tech software that can spot Contract Cheating. If you feel that paying for an assignment will help you out, remember it is only beneficial for the short term. Eventually, you could be faced with multiple issues and it will not be worth it in the end. 


Circumstances behind Contract Cheating and how you can access support 

There are many reasons why someone would want to pay for an assignment. A student may feel they cannot see an alternative option or a way out. Someone might feel too stressed to manage their workload, some may believe paying for an assignment is acceptable, while others may feel they cannot be bothered to do it themselves. 

Whatever the circumstance of why someone may decide to Contract Cheat, we encourage anyone thinking to pay or make someone else do their essay to think and think again. Remember, Contract Cheating is not tolerated within the UK or at DMU and it comes with severe consequences which can affect your future.  

Instead, we want those individuals to reflect on their reasons as to why they want to Contract Cheat and seek support. Accessing support will mean you can thrive at university and be proud of your efforts, not the achievements of someone else.  

De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) and DMU can support you with your academic studies and wellbeing. There is help available, all you need to do is ask!  


We advise to anyone who needs support academically to; 


We advise to anyone who needs support regarding their wellbeing to; 

  • Try and implement wellbeing activities into your day! Check out a few Wellbeing apps. 

  • Speak to your DSU Advice and Wellbeing team if you are unsure and need a friendly chat! 

  • Talk to your GP! 


Put your money to better use!

If you end up paying for an essay you may face expulsion.  

Do not waste your money on assignments, you will never learn or benefit in your professional life nor will you be able to graduate from university. Put your money to better use and treat yourself after you do well in an assignment on your own!  

You’ve got this. 


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Joseph Malik Dano
1:44pm on 10 Mar 24 I need to copy a fkn table and reference it. the same table is from a paper book in the library. stop fkn blocking sites.
Eshan Wells
10:06am on 18 Apr 23 Legitimate resources for structuring a dissertation are getting blocked. pretty suboptimal ngl
Paige Allport
2:11pm on 24 May 22 I need this site for market research for my own designs at uni, I dont understand why this is cheating? Just delaying my work
Sakhawat Jameel
7:22pm on 28 Apr 22 A link to topic on which I was researching for my assessment not copying or whatever rubbish written above........... I am not doing this.... just taking an idea as I have see tourism part, and I will write my own unique content... what is wrong with you guys......?
Stephanie Glazebrook
12:08pm on 28 Apr 22 A law website, with nothing to do with contract cheating, has been blocked.
Vivek Karavadra
11:42am on 11 Apr 22 The website I tried to access has nothing to do with cheating, it is a blog post giving advice on how to write a literature review, something which I have no knowledge of. DMU IT Department, please fact check your so-called 'high tech software'.
Nioclas Knight
12:35pm on 29 Mar 22 I was trying to access a website regarding economic theory contributions and I got hit with this. Just another example of how bad the tech department is at De Montfort.
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