Meet Your...LGBTQ+ Representative

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Did you know we now have a full team of part-time representatives working to make sure your voice is heard at DMU and beyond? We’ll introduce you to all six of them this week, starting with your LGBTQ+ Representative!

Daniel Murgatroyd, 23, from Radstock in Somerset, is your LGBTQ+ Representative at De Montfort Students’ Union.

Since coming to DMU, Daniel, a third-year Creative Writing and English Literature student, said that he has felt safe to be himself and wanted to be the LGBTQ+ Representative to ensure that other students – whether part of the LGBTQ+ community or not – feel as safe as he does in being the person that they are.

He said: “I ran for this position because since I came to DMU, I have felt safe to be myself and discover more about myself.

“It was feeling safe at DMU, thanks to the work of DSU and the LGBT+ Society that made me confident enough to run for the position because I want to give back to DMU some of what they have given to me while I have been here.

“And I want future students who come here, whether they are LGBTQ+ or not, to feel that the university is a safe space.”

Daniel said that he has a number of objectives that he hopes to achieve in his role, with a particular focus on improving the university experience for transgender (trans) students.

He explained: “I hope to put forward a series of policy changes that will make the DMU campus a safer and more inclusive space for trans people, as well as everyone else.

“This includes investigating the trans awareness training at DMU and pushing for greater training if it is needed, putting forward a policy to increase the number of gender neutral toilets at DMU and working alongside the VP Welfare and Community officer to lobby for easier name changes in the university system for trans students.”

You can find out more about Daniel on his page here.

Head back tomorrow for the next instalment in our ‘Meet Your Part-Time Officers’ series! And if representing your fellow students is something that sounds up your street, then make sure you get involved with #LeadYourDSU day at #Refreshers16!


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