Get your picture on the big screen at graduation!

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This year YOU have the exciting opportunity to have your picture shown in your graduation ceremony - for the first time EVER!

We are asking each student to submit one or two of your favourite images that reflect your time at DMU. Have you got a picture from your favourite society trip? That huge sports team win? Or even from one of DSU's awards ceremonies? Get it up on the big screen!

All you need to do is;

1. choose your photo(s) (the higher resolution the better);
2. get everyone in the photo to give their permission for you to use it;
3. provide your full name and faculty;
4. provide full names of everyone in the photo (for a caption);
5. and then email to!

It's as simple as that! The deadline for submitting images is Tuesday 28 June at 4pm, so be quick!

Please SHARE this message with all of your graduating friends to make your special day even more personal.


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