DMWho? Conclusion

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In November 2020, De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Executive Officers launched a campaign to change the name of the University. After over a year of talks and following consultation with De Montfort University (DMU) students, we feel that this campaign, in its current form has reached its conclusion.

DMU have been open to discussions and we have worked closely with staff to see how we can progress and move forward together. The result has been a strengthening of both DSU and DMU’s commitment to anti-racism and a vision to work together to continue the work that has already started.

Although the campaign set out to change the name of the institution, following student feedback and talks with the University, this will no longer be part of the ongoing commitment and campaign. As a member-led organisation, the views of our members shape what we do.

Along with speaking to members, the discussions with the DMU have shone a light on the full cost and scale of a name change and how this would impact the student experience. The millions of pounds that would be spent to do this would not be able to be spent on students or the student experience.

We are fully committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion and will continue to work with DMU and challenge them where necessary, to become an anti-racist university.

Working with DMU we will be exploring ways in which we can discuss the legacy of Simon De Montfort ensuring that whilst the University has its current name, the history around it is known.

We commend DMU for actively listening and considering this campaign started by the 2020/2021 Executives. We appreciate the conversations and commitment to become a truly anti-racist University. As your Students’ Union will ensure these commitments are actioned while listening to the needs of our students and implementing the changes you want to see. We will always campaign to serve our students’ interests and will continue to work with the University on these initiatives to make sure our campus is diverse, inclusive and equal for all students.