Black History Month Season - Our Pledge

Black History Month Season - Our Pledge

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Black Lives Matter: Our Pledge To You. Click here to find out more about how we are pledging to impr Black Lives Matter: Our pledge to you.

WATCH: DSU’s pledge to you.

A message from your Executive Officer Team 2020/21:

“During such an important time with the Black Lives Matter movement, we want to emphasis what DSU is doing to make long lasting change and what we are going to ensure our students feel welcome, safe and included. With everything that has happened in the world, it does not feel right for DSU as an institution to sit by and do nothing.

It means having those difficult conversations that we so desperately need to have. It means addressing and acknowledging the disparity seen between black students and non-black students.  And that means talking about the awarding gap, the employment rates and the unequal representation of black students on campus.

A few months ago, we saw DMU turn the mirror on themselves in an open letter. They questioned their own equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) principles and demographic make-up, as well as their own downfalls during this turbulent period. They promised to do better and we pledge to hold them to account. We pledge to challenge and speak up in any meeting when we feel that the student voice isn’t being heard. We pledge to ensure that more black student’s voices are being heard across the university. But in the same vein in which we pledge to hold DMU to account, we must also pledge to be held to account by you – our members.

Therefore, as an institution, we pledge to:

  • Ensure that we have a dedicated EDI presence within our team who will ensure we are constantly listening to our students
  • To start breaking down and dissecting our student engagement rates to make it as accessible as possible for black student voices to be heard
  • To ensure that when we talk about mental health, we talk about black mental health specifically
  • Provide a platform for black voices to be heard. Whether that be through talks, panels and discussions, or shining a spotlight on a small black owned business, we will do it.
  • To acknowledge our own privileges and any unconscious bias that we may hold, and attend mandatory training sessions to improve our understanding of key issues

But most importantly – we pledge to listen. This is your space, your university, your students’ union. You tell us what you want to see and how, and we’ll do our absolute best to do right by all of you.

Executive Officer Team

De Montfort Students’ Union”

DSU have also created a Black Lives Matter resource hub. This hub contains useful links, reading lists, updates, a glossary and important information. The hub will be shared and added to for the foreseeable.

We will also be hosting a range of events including, talks, Q&As and Netflix watch parties. Please keep an eye on our social media and events page for further details.


Black Lives Matter Resource Hub

Find out what DMU events are taking place throughout Black History Season

WATCH: Our pledge to you.


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