An open letter to student landlords

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Your De Montfort Students' Union Executive Officers have written an open letter to all student landlords. Please see below...

'We are writing to you on behalf of many students at De Montfort University (DMU) to request that given the fact that these are uncertain and unprecedented times, you consider giving students the choice to end their tenancy early or provide an affordable payment arrangement for upcoming rent.

As we’re sure you’re aware, thousands of students across the country are struggling financially due to the current situation we are all in. Many of our students and your tenants rely on part-time, zero-hour contracts and the unforeseen situation has meant that these opportunities are simply no longer available.

If and where possible, students will want to go home; to their families, to their homes, to where they’re comfortable and safe. There are final year students who may never return to their student accommodation again, as well as students who are not able to due to the high-risk nature of shared accommodation and the need for social distancing.

DMU has quickly recognised the situation and acknowledged that students do not need to be further burdened during this extremely testing time. Or have such financial pressure at a time where many are worried where their next meal might come from. As such DMU are not charging rent from students staying in DMU provided accommodation for their 3rd term.

We understand that this is a big ask, but right now, we are in a time where we need to come together, as a community.

We thank the letting agencies and accommodation providers that have taken action already and allowed students to leave penalty or rent free.

As representatives of DMU students, we ask that if you can do anything to help our students, your tenants, that you do­­ so - please.

Warmest regards,

De Montfort Students’ Union Executive Team

Diya Rattanpal

Katie Hobbs

Laura Flowers

Aisha Ismail'

If you would like to print this letter and send it to your letting agency or landlord, you can download the letter here. Please be aware this is an open letter to letting agencies and landlords and in some situations this may not be suitable. Please check to see if your accomodation is already offering support before sending. 

For further advice on your housing situation and Covid-19, please contact the DSU advice team at

For the latest updates and information about Covid-19 and DMU's response, please visit the DMU microsite here


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