What the heck is NSS?

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You may have seen posters around campus about it, received emails – but what actually is NSS and how does it affect you, your uni and your SU?

NSS stands for the National Student Survey. It’s an annual survey that all final years from across UK universities are asked to complete and it’s there for you to give feedback on your time at DMU. You’ll be asked questions about your course, the way you were taught, your Students’ Union and about your DMU experience in general. You’ll be able to express what really made a difference to your time at university and what can be done to further improve the DMU adventure.

So why is it important?
The only way that DMU and DSU can strive to continually improve is with your feedback. We need to know what really mattered to you during your time at DMU so that we can keep doing the things that are great and further improve the areas you think we could make better still.

The information will also be compiled to form comparative data for your course which will be published to help prospective students decide where to study.

What do you do next?
The survey is now OPEN! If you’re a final year student, all you need to do is click here to complete it.




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