We've got more MyUniPals than ever!

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Are you new to DMU? Need some help settling in? Then MyUniPal is the place for you, now with more volunteers than ever before ready to help kick-start the best years of your life!

MyUniPal is De Montfort Students’ Union’s very own support and peer mentoring scheme designed for students new to the university, campus, city or even the UK.

Run by DSU’s Volunteering office, the scheme uses second- and third-year mentors to help students new to DMU and to provide you with the information and guidance needed to ensure your time at DMU is a success.

Mike Palmer, Peer Mentoring Coordinator at DSU, said: “We currently have some great mentors who are ready and waiting to help and support fellow students.

“This year we have seen unprecedented numbers of second and third years wanting to support first years settle into university, so much so that we have mentors who will be able to offer support from day one after a student signs up.

“Signing up is really easy and we have our own dedicated website which you can use to communicate with your mentor and to arrange meetings.

“Once you are signed up you will be put in touch with a mentor almost instantly.”

If you’re interested in signing up to MyUniPal, either as a mentor or as a mentee, all you need to do is head to the sign up page and fill in your details and preferences and...you’re done!

Keep an eye out for emails from the MyUniPal team who will be in touch soon and look out for some exciting events and support available over the next few weeks and months!


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