Demons in Space raise huge amount with mammoth broadcast

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Students from DSU’s resident media group raised almost £2,000 for charity with one mammoth two-day broadcast.

Demon Media locked 10 pairs of students in a room for Demons in Space, and broadcast for 48-hours solidly both on community-licensed radio station Demon FM with an online live stream produced by Demon TV.

In the process, they raised a staggering £1,815.26 for charity.

Paul Blackmore, Head of Live Events for Demon Media and chief organiser of Demons in Space, said: “The story goes that we sent 20 members of Demon Media into space for a classified mission. We know that was a success, but their ship was damaged and they started drifting back to Earth.

“Luckily, they spent their time creating content for Demon FM and because they are a nice lot they raised money for charity at the same time.

“It ranges from on air challenges to lightsaber battles with the fencing team, to alien concoctions with the cocktail society and even an appearance from [ex Demon Media member] Dave Murphy for a space quiz.

“And then we’ve had morning fitness to get everyone going again. The pairs that have been in there have been so good – nothing has been too weird or wonderful for them and while we have had a few strange looks but they have been great.

“Pack down will be...difficult, but then hopefully we will go home, get some sleep and have a lovely wrap party later.”

Ollie McGrath (left) and Hannah Rowe (right) anchored both the radio broadcast and online live stream.

And all of the money raised is going to two good causes.

Paul continued: “The money is going to two charities; FOCUS, who help potentially misguided youths in Leicester – who actually came down to the studios yesterday and loved it – and Macmillan Cancer Support.

“There are so many thank yous that need to go out for this event. Every single person has done their fair share and everyone has done as much as they can towards this event and it absolutely shows.

“From the participants to the management team to the volunteers and of course to the people who have donated goes a heartfelt thank you and they all should know that the money we have raised will change real people’s lives.”

Of the 20 students who entered – coming from each of Demon Media’s strands of The Demon magazine, Demon FM, Demon TV and The Demon Online – one pair were eliminated at regular intervals throughout the broadcast.

Finally, in the closing hours of the broadcast, the winning pair were revealed as Lydia George and Charlie Burt – both members of Demon TV.

Lydia said: “It got to the point where we weren’t even nervous when it came to the votes, and to win it has blown my mind.

“Right now I’m only running on about five hours sleep, but it was all really worth it.

“I might be ready to curl up in bed, but the whole thing was so worthwhile for two amazing charities.”

Winners Lydia George (holding sign) and Charlie Burt (holding eggs) with just some of the Demons in Space production team.

Charlie said: “We thought we were going out in fifth last night and so to leave on a high we got everyone dancing – but we stayed! To be stood here hours later the winners feels amazing.

“I think I’ve had a total of about six hours sleep if you can call it that. I’m really looking forward to getting home now!”

It’s not too late to add to the total – donate on the Demons in Space Virgin Money Giving page here.


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