11 ways we made an impact in 2015

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De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) is a busy place – you lot are always up to something to enhance your time at DMU. There's literally never a dull moment! Take now for instance. We've just completed a really successful RAG week raising thousands for charity, we're in the midst of our #LeadYourDSU Elections 2016 campaign and are preparing for that all-important annual Varsity tournament.

With so much happening in just a snapshot at DSU, can you imagine just how much we'd achieve together over a whole year? Well, we thought we'd give it a try with our latest report, 11 ways we made an impact in 2015.

Crammed with stories of what members of DSU have got involved in, things that we've achieved together and the positive changes we've made at DMU and in the wider community – it'll certainly make you proud to be part of your SU and realise we're more than just a bar!

DSU is a registered charity and a totally independent organisation. It's therefore also important that we transparently show you how we've spent the block-grant and other income we receive to maximise our impact. The new 11 ways we made an impact in 2015 report shows you where that money is being spent.

And don't worry, the new report won't feel like something from your course reading list – it's got a fun, vibrant and slightly familiar feel to it that we're sure you'll enjoy!

So click here take a look and feel proud of a very successful 2015. Do you think 2016 can top it? We're going to try our darndest! After all, we really are here to make your university adventure truly unforgettable.


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