Essentials Checklist

Packing for uni can be a stressful time of deciding what – and what not – to take. While a lot of stuff might be obvious, some aren’t quite.

In an attempt to make sure you don’t forget some of the forgettable, we’ve composed a list of items that could be, well, forgotten.

1. Slippers

First thing’s first. Comfort is always a must, so ensuring a pair of fluffy footwear is packed is essential. It’s that or face the cold floor of the kitchen in the morning.


2. Pack of Cards

Cards seem to have a particularly short life span at the hands of students. As a fundamental item to any good ice breaker game, having a pack of cards to hand is always useful. Just make sure you have all 52 cards, you wouldn’t want to be caught cheating now…


3. Clothes Hangers

Unless you want to be surviving off three or so hangers for the next nine months, make sure to bring some of your own! It saves having your clothes piling up on the floor or on THAT chair. Oh, and it saves time ironing!


4. Plasters

A staple for any student first aid kit. It never hurt to have a small supply packed.


5. Laundry Tablets

This ingenious invention makes life a whole lot easier. No need to worry about laundry cleaners, conditioners or powders. Just pop a tab in and you’re away!


6. Cleaning Wipes

Dust and dirt collects up faster than you think! And whilst you might not have your mum/cleaner/sibling to clean up after you, packing a stash of cleaning wipes will ensure your student pad is kept in tip-top condition.


7. USB

Travel size and convenient. Carrying a USB or two on a lanyard, keyring, in your pencil case or elsewhere will make sure you’re able to back up your all-important academic work.


8. Flask

Especially during the winter months, having a flask to transport your hot drinks can be a complete life saver. It can also be a money saver when you don’t need to buy that Starbucks.


9. Batteries

Since being surpassed by charging technologies, batteries can easily be forgotten. But when your alarm clock or torchlight runs out, you’ll be needing a few AAs.


10. Storage for important documents (…and important documents)

During your time at uni, you’ll get a load of important pieces of paper. To save the frantic search for them at a later date, make sure you store them in a safe place such as a ring binder, folder or file.


And as a bonus item…

11. Homemade Brownies!

Will easily gain you brownie points (get it) with your new flatmates, and who’s ever said no to cake?