Things We Wish We'd Known

7 not-so-obvious things we wish we knew before coming to DMU...

So you’re coming to DMU – you are going to love it here!
Last year we were just like you, preparing to start our university adventure! Coming to uni is super exciting, but there are lots to do to prepare. We’ve had a chat, and there are a few things we wish we’d known or remembered when we’d started uni. So here’s our guide to those things that might not be on your checklist but will really help you during your first few weeks.
Love, the DSU MyUniPal Reps x

1) Look up your halls on Google Street View before you arrive and explore when you get here

If you’re moving into accommodation at DMU, find out where your nearest supermarket, convenience store, doctors surgery, and other places are. Work out your route to uni from your halls too. This will make you feel more in control and clued-up when you arrive.  Once you get here, have a wander around and explore your new home!

2) Remember to pack some smarter clothes

You’ll need them sooner than you think. If you’re going to try and get a part-time job, you’re not going to turn up for the interview in jeans, right?!

3) Get an NUS Extra card now and get used to using it

An NUS Extra card is £12 and can be bought from Half the proceeds go towards activities, support and lots of other stuff your SU offers AND it gets you discounts at literally thousands of places both online and on the high street. Once you’ve got the card, get in the habit of asking ‘Do you do student discount?’ at every place you shop at! You’ll be surprised how many do offer it and how much you’ll start saving straight away…

4) As soon as you’ve moved your stuff into halls, start introducing yourself!

The longer you leave it, the more awkward it gets. Say hello to your new flatmates as soon as possible! Remember, we’re all in the same boat and after that first hello everything gets much easier.

5) Get to know MyGateway as soon as you can

You’ll get loads of information from the university about this, but it’s basically your online hub for all things DMU. Make sure you log on and get to know it as soon as you’re given your login details.

6) Don’t go on a shopping spree as soon as your student loan comes in (trust us – this is a bad idea!)

You will need that money to live, eat and of course socialise and enjoy your time at DMU and it’s got to last you – so budget! It’ll be very stressful if you run out of money…

7) Go to the Activities Fair during Freshers week

A really great way to make new friends with people who have a shared interest is to join a club. You can walk around the Activities Fair and see them all in action, chat to them and join right there and then! Joining a society costs between £2 and £10 for the year and joining sports cost £40 (no matter how many sports you join).