Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Amber Mitchell-Hanna

Hi there!


My name is Amber Mitchell-Hanna and I would love for you to elect me as NUS delegate so I can successfully represent and fight for the rights of DMU students.

I’m passionate about lifting student voices and during a time such as this pandemic, its imperative that the issues and concerns of students are not ignored and pushed aside. 

Having been both an undergraduate and a postgraduate student at DMU, I understand clearly the difference in priorities students may have and the difference in issues that may be affecting students.

in addition to this i am hugely driven by need to ensure students of all backgrounds feel represented and celebrated on DMU campus. I feel it’s extremely important to champion equality and diversity across campus and it’s something that I can be counted on to promote and fight for without any doubt.

I hope you will consider me for the role of NUS Delegate!