Candidate for the position of Equality and Diversity Full Time Executive

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Eduina Manso Henriques

Hi Everyone!

My name is Eduina Henriques and I am currently a third-year student studying English and Creative Writing. 

As for me, this means that I'll be graduating soon... However, I'd like to take this opportunity to continue my journey at DMU along with many of you who are still studying or are about to begin. 

My passions for this role lie in the fact that I want to see a change just as much as you do, especially regarding equality and diversity within the university. I think it's important to know that every student should have a place where they feel supported and encouraged to be themselves. And I want to help you achieve that!

With that being said, I currently hold one of the liberation roles (BAME representative) at DSU. This voluntary work has given me the chance to connect with students and staff to improve their current conditions. From being included in groups such as student panels, student council and student zones has really opened my eyes to the issues and concerns that students face throughout their university experience. 

So... with that in mind, if I were to be elected as Equality & Diversity Executive, I would bring my full support and enthusiasm into making that change happen. I’d begin by focusing on these top 3 goals:

Goal 1- Set up a BAME funding scheme. 

Goal 2- Change the menu in the SU Diner so it has more diversity in cultural foods.

Goal 3- Celebrate an event every other month.

But it doesn’t have to stop there. So come join me on a future journey into creating that change, where you lead the way :)