Candidate for the position of Student Opportunities and Engagement Full Time Executive

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Abdul Ijaz

My name is Abdul Hadi Ijaz in my third year doing mechanical engineering at De Montfort university. Personal experiences from the time I started at DMU has shown that socialising is a very difficult thing since there was less awareness of activities and university societies. Through volunteering to myunipal and joining societies I was able to socialise and gain confidence which helped me through my years at university, with this experience I think I am perfectly suited for the role advertised. My main area of works will be to spread awareness about societies and activities to more students and help them engage more with university roles and what they can expect. By working with DSU, I would like to create campaigns to reach more students and create awareness. Since we are in Covid times I would try getting students more interested and engaged by mailing them and getting them to join socials online. One of the new things that I would be planning is to be working with DMU demon radio to create a segment on the part of the radio dedicated to getting to know students and their experiences with covid-19, this segment will focus on interactive calls and give students opportunities to talk directly with university representatives. There are also going to be topics to pick from entertainment, politics and other things students might be interested in. It’s been a long year and covid-19 has made socialising harder but with this opportunity I am hoping to make student life for all the students as fun and amazing as it was in pre-covid times.