Candidate for the position of Academic Full Time Executive

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Fahamida Islam

My name is Fahamida Islam, a student of MSc Computing. I am standing to be Academic Executive at DSU election. Being given the opportunity to step into a developed country like the UK with big dreams stemmed my desire of wanting to help make a difference. Being an empathetic person, I aspire to use this characteristic to help others. After struggling myself with not knowing where I wanted to go in life or what route to take, I want to take this experience, so others do not have to go through the same uncertainty as I did. It is this reason why I am nominating myself for this position, from my time studying at De Montfort University, I came to realise that this university is not just a university, but more so an opportunity to help develop students’ lives.

I completed a placement year at the New Way Consultancy, where my role was a Digital Marketing Intern. This company was a student consultancy, where my role was not limited to strictly Marketing, but also being in charge of student consultations. Through this job I had the opportunity to listen and understand students’ problems and offer solutions to them. Moreover, I became a course representative for MSc Computing in 2020. This role allowed me to closely monitor students issues which includes teaching, learning, assessments, timetables, and accessibility to learning. Over the year, having the opportunity to work with students both internally and externally at DMU, I believe I am well suited for this job.

If I am given this opportunity the students will be my utmost priority. I will do my best to help and put myself in the same shoes to fully understand their needs. I believe today’s students are tomorrows future and here I am chasing to help them.