Candidate for the position of Union Development Full Time Executive

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Harsh Patel

As a nominee for Union Development Executive, I look to focus my attention on 3 pillars of university. Effective delivery of course material, additional  support to all students in mental health/well-being and finally better employment prospects in an uncertain job market. Taking the needs of DMU on a new level as a university and a community. 


My name is Harsh Patel, I wish to deliver this manifesto in a format that isn’t complicated or fancy but understandable. I joined university 3 years later than usual, because I was not sure what career I would like to pursue, so I have had 3 years to decide, and let me tell you that still is not enough, but students enter university after college eager to get going and progress into adulthood. My 3-pillar approach will provide the tools and support, and also the environment, for students to do exactly that. I am passionate to see our students succeed and to ensure that they are all getting value out of university. 


When an organisation acquires a development executive, they look for the experience to ensure that the individual can achieve organisational goals. I have had over 2 years of experience working in the Improvement and Organisational Development team at Charnwood Borough Council working on Project Management & Performance Management, where I was also the chair of the Staff Forum and sitting member of the Equality Working Group. Furthermore, I have also had the pleasure of working for an Accounting team and at a Global Bank, which gives me the ability to manage our spending and use it effectively in the interest of our students. I am confident in my abilities to fully utilise my skills, network and experience to deliver organisation change, keeping students at the heart of what we do.