Candidate for the position of Equality and Diversity Full Time Executive

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Hamza Shehzad

Hello, my name is Hamza Zulkifal Shehzad and I am running for the position of Equality and Diversity executive because first and foremost I believe in Equality and Diversity. As a human being I believe anything that respires is to be treated equally weather it is a human being or an animal for that instance. Any successful society is built on treating everybody equally. Once that level of impartiality is established, it then provides a foundation on which other important characteristics can be built. Once equality has been achieved successfully, diversity I believe is what makes us a society where different people of different backgrounds can reside in harmony knowing that any opportunity would be dispersed evenly without any bias.

Due to my background and nationality, my interest in equality and diversity is high because I can comprehend with the feelings of individuals who feel that they are not being treated equally or who believe a particular area is lacking diversity.

I was also a member of the college board during my foundation year in DMUIC where a wide range of matters inclusive of equality and diversity were debated which would then end up with the board having positive and practical solutions. I believe this experience would supplement my position and would put me in situations where which I am already used to.

If elected I would ensure that the everyone is treated equally and in any participatory events, I would focus on increasing the diversity of students from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Also, one of my main objectives would be to reduce attainment gap within DMU. I would also try to implement methods from my previous experiences for better and more effective student engagement programs which I believe would make it more effective and would provide better student engagement.