Candidate for the position of Student Opportunities and Engagement Full Time Executive

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Kira Brennan


Hello all!

I hope everyone is feeling well!
Some of you may already know me as the level 6 student representative for BA(Hons) Contour Fashion Communication.

I’m standing for this role today because I know one of the main reasons we applied to study with DMU is due to the sheer number of unique opportunities the University offers.

My 4 years with DMU has allowed me to participate in many DMU Global, DMU Local and Ambassador opportunities. I’ve been part of societies and engaged in so many activities to build my knowledge and my CV. 

I want this for you too.

This role will allow me to ensure that you are receiving clear, concise and exciting opportunities during your time at university. I come bearing relevant marketing experience to make sure that you know exactly what is available to you!

I am absolutely the person for this role as I have been a celebrated Course Rep throughout my degree where I have ensured a confrontable environment for my peers throughout their DMU journey.

2020 was a difficult year for everyone and the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions have left us feeling bored and tired of the same 4 walls; I want you all to know that this won’t be forever! Let me, help you, have a wonderful year at DMU and enjoy your university experience!

Thank you so much for taking a moment to read this.

Have a lovely day!