Candidate for the position of International Students' Part-Time Officer

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Mohammad umar farqleet soomro

My name is Mohammad Umar Farqleet Soomro and I would like to be your next international students' officer. As a first-year international undergraduate student of computing, I have noticed and personally experienced that settling in as an international student is not always easy especially in this time of COVID-19. I believe a lot more can be done to improve the supports available for the students who live thousands of miles away from home. No one should feel isolated; just because you have not grown up here, it does not mean you do not belong.

I possess the required experience and knowledge to carry out this role, but I genuinely want better for the amazing people that I have met so far during my time at DMU. I am hopeful that my current experience has put me in a strong position to carry out this role.

During my time in this role, I have set out certain goals I wish to achieve, alongside continuing the amazing work started by those before me.


I will create a standardized system for holding international fresher’s week events before the main fresher’s week. This allows international to get to know each other first, make friends, adjust to a new culture, and form an international community. I will also create a help desk for international students where they can get help on setting up bank accounts, Phone contract, and settling into British culture.


I will campaign for increased funding, more scholarships for international students, increase the number of social events for international students and most importantly to allow access to vacation residence storage space for international students. I will integrate the activity of multiple cultures, society to form a more cohesive international environment.