Candidate for the position of Disabled Students' Part-Time Officer

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Hope Heeley

Hi I'm Hope, A second year undergraduate Criminology student here at DMU

I am writing this manifesto in the hope that I can gain your support in becoming your Disabled Student Liberation officer. 

As a disabled student myself I am aware of the challenges and difficulties university can bring, everything from whether there will be accommodation that will meet your needs to balancing uni on your bad days. However, I am also aware of the independence and freedom university can give you. 

As a disabled student, I feel our voices are oftern not heard among the noise of the DMU community. I want to give you an opportunity to vote for someone who will give you a voice, Who will represent you with great passion and determination to make sure that we are not forgotten about.

I believe I could be your Disabled Student Liberation officer as I am able to be a voice when and where it matters.

Thank you and I hope for your vote!

Hope Heeley