DSU Pen Pals Terms of Participation

1. Acceptance of Terms of Participation

By providing your details to us, you agree to abide by these Terms of Participation.

We may make changes to these terms and to the Pen Pal Scheme (“Scheme”) from time to time. We may do this for a variety of reasons including to reflect changes in or requirements of the law, University rules, new features, or changes in business practices. The most recent version of these terms will be posted on the De Montfort Students’ Union (“DSU”) website and emailed to all users upon changing.

You may request to be removed from the Scheme at any time. If you wish to do so, contact us at dsuexec@dmu.ac.uk. When we receive your email we will immediately remove your personal data from our database.


2. Eligibility

You must be at least 18 years of age and currently enrolled on a course at De Montfort University to join the Scheme.


3. Safety - your interactions with other students

Though DSU strives to encourage a respectful experience we are not responsible for the conduct of any member on or off the Scheme. You agree to use caution in all interactions with other students, particularly if you decide to communicate outside the Scheme or meet in person, which we do not recommend.


4. Rights you grant De Montfort Students’ Union.

By creating an account, you grant DSU the right to share your contact details with another member of the Pen Pal Scheme.

You agree that all information that you submit upon creation of your account, is accurate and truthful.

When communicating with other students, you agree to be respectful and kind. If we feel that your behaviour towards any other user of the scheme is at any time threatening, inappropriate or offensive, we reserve the right to immediately remove you from the Scheme

If deemed necessary, due to inappropriate behaviour, your details may be passed onto the University’s Disciplinary Team for them to investigate and take appropriate action.


5. Pen Pan Scheme Rules

By using the Scheme, you agree that you will not:

· use the Scheme for any purpose that is illegal or breaches either DSU’s or De Montfort University’s disciplinary regulations;

· use the Scheme for any harmful purpose;

· use the Scheme in order to damage the reputation of DSU;

· spam, solicit money from or defraud any other student;

· impersonate any person or entity or post any images of another person without his or her permission;

· bully, "stalk", intimidate, assault, harass, mistreat or defame any person;

· share any content that is hate speech, threatening, sexually explicit or pornographic;

· share any content that incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence;

· post any content that promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind against any group or individual;

· solicit passwords for any purpose, or personal identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes from other members or disseminate another person's personal information without his or her permission.


6. Remote Safety

· Never send money or share financial information

Never send money, especially over wire transfer, even if the person claims to be in an emergency. Wiring money is like sending cash — it’s nearly impossible to reverse the transaction or trace where the money went. Never share information that could be used to access your financial accounts. If another student asks you for money, report it to us immediately.

· Meeting in person

We recommend that you do not meet in person, the Scheme is set up to enable communication and correspondence over digital platforms such as email.

· Protect your personal information

Never share personal information that you are uncomfortable sharing, such as your home or work address, information about your family and/or housemates or details about your daily routine (e.g., that you go to a certain gym every Monday) with people you don’t know well.

· Report all inappropriate behaviour

If you believe someone has crossed the line, we want to know about it. Email us at dsuexec@dmu.ac.uk.