Women's Rep Candidate

Hi there! My name is Samantha Marie Hermiston, I’m 18 years old and I am a first year undergraduate History student here at DMU. I’ve been interested in History since a young age following a heavy influence from my Grandpa who was a keen History enthusiast. I am definitely a very passionate person, showing this in my course but additionally in my hobbies and personal views and values. In my spare time I love to write, I do this by running my own blog and writing non-fiction stories. I’ve received positive feedback for the writing I have shared on online platforms and it is my dream to become an author. My personal belief is that everybody is equal, and that we should all be treated the same. I view everybody else as my equal and I aim to make a difference to the world any way I can to achieve equality for all.

I am standing to be the Women's Representative for the DSU because I believe solely in equality. It's something I am extremely passionate about, and I would channel so much love and positivity into spreading gender equality across campus. I believe that women deserve the same level of opportunity and respect as men. If I were to win this election, I would be a welcome helping hand and support for female students who need support during their time here to ensure that they are given the same opportunities as men and are being treated equally. Additionally, winning the election I would focus a lot of my efforts into supporting feminist campaigns such as "This Girl Can" by creating many events and activities for all students to participate in to spread awareness, and making women's voices heard through-out this university.