Women's Rep Candidate

As a young woman who has transitioned from A Levels to  first year undergraduate politics, university is ,for me, a place where you are free to express your individuality and never feel scrutinised for who you are. There have been many occasions where I have felt targeted or sexualised as a woman, but De Montfort university has supported my belief that how you identify be it religion, sexuality or gender, your voice is just as important as anyone else. Politics has always been a passion of mine, I am keen to listen to those around me who hold different opinions to mine and learn from them, I believe in a society where by everyone is equal. I do not believe that is impossible for De Montfort University.

Acknowledging the work of previous SU Officers I wish to continue this, to embed within De Montfort University the importance of equality, specifically with this role be it surrounding gender. It is important for me in this role to break down gender stereotypes both socially and in education, for example higher male enrolment rates for specific courses. After the recent Mandela Project which occurred through DMU, I would like to continue raising issues surrounding sexual assault and consent, incorporating working alongside the LGBTQ officer. I further wish to emphasise body confidence continuing the supporting of the 'This Girl Can' campaign highlighting also the freedom to dress as one chooses. It is important to me to ensure that gender does not impact the experience which is university life and education negatively and that all students are provided with necessary support with any gender based issues. Correlating with this, I would like to emphasise the specific gender discrimination black and ethnic minority woman face working alongside the BME officer to ensure this.