VP Welfare and Community Candidate


  • To promote a safe campus for students.
  • Be the forefront in action taken against sexual assault committed against other students.
  • To provide anonymous forums to report inappropriate behaviour.
  • To provide free self-defence classes.
  • To promote safety by providing a call-line for walking home.
  • Equality to all students.

Having been at DMU for four years, I have been a member of DMU Dance and Netball and have volunteered. I have seen the SU from all angles. I have the experience and vision to transform our SU to a more student-involved environment.

Now studying my MA, I have been involved in everything DMU offers from Netfest to RAG week, Societies and fundraising. I believe my skills from this and the array of people I’ve met are what give me an edge on potentially being your VP of Welfare and Community.

Approximately 1 in 3 women and 1 in 8 men are raped or assaulted at University events in England and Wales alone every year; that's people’s sister or brother, best friend or partner, and only 15% report it because of a lack of confidence in action that universities will take, and a lack of confidence of where they can go.

With the ever-raising political issues, I also want to ensure that students have equality within campus and support. I want all students to thrive, knowing that their general safety at DMU is guaranteed.

I plan to make the Union a place to vent and to report issues; a safe place that provides students the opportunity to grow into INCREDIBLE HUMAN BEINGS. I want students to be able to offer their opinions on changes. I want OUR Student’s Union to be a place for everyone’s voice.

Tiffany Tangen for VPWC, A vote for SAFETY, at DMU