VP Welfare and Community Candidate

Hello! I am Rebekah Chapman, I am 24, a final year psychology student, and I am both LGBTQ+ while also be a person of faith. I have been at DMU for four years now and have already been the part-time LGBTQ+ Representative on the DSU. I am from Nottingham and love the East midlands and the personality of the people who live within its borders. I also stood with the DSU and marched for student rights in London and will stand for the rights of all students.

  • I want to create an environment where student who ascribe to multiple communities, which may cause issues, can be themselves and have the support needed to be themselves.
  • I will work with security to ensure that when someone uses the ‘Shush Blue’ alert message that a quicker response is made.
  • I will work closely with the university to make sure that student who will no longer get Disabled Student Allowances (DSA’s) will be properly supported.
  • I will work with all groups to help bridge gap between themselves and those who are of their faith but ascribe to a certain group which is considered controversial, and I will do this by having meetings with the societies in order for them to work with each to find solutions and support each other.
  • I will work for subsidiaries for poorer students for things (like the fresher’s wrist band) so that they can be as involved as other students.
  • Help students who are not considered to be the average student to feel they can engage more in order for them to be heard and for them to be more a part of our community.