VP Welfare and Community Candidate

I am a soon to be graduate who quite frankly is not ready to leave DMU. If you are anything like the student I am, then you will know that DMU imprints itself on you. When I came to university I had all these countless opportunities but the only thing I knew anything about was my course. But DMU gives you the chance to be proactive and make your university experience about more than just your course. I have been involved with the creation of the Trampolining society, joined the massive family at Demon Media, have taken part in a few of the newly founded #LoveInternational events which have also seen me represent the university across the globe with the help of DMU Global. For me, DMU has never been just about my course, the wider communities offer so much more.

I am standing because I feel any and every student not only should, but needs to get involved with these fantastic communities. I understand that not every student feels the need to get involved with the university outside of there course, but I believe we can work together to get more students involved with the DSU. If you are a DMU student, you are part of our DSU community, and I want to make sure your community is providing you with opportunities that will improve your university experience. I want your communication, so that we can collaborate, to make our community better.