VP Welfare and Community Candidate

You deserve to have the BEST university experience ever! These are the toughest yet the best moments of your life, therefore your WELFARE is very important (especially to me). From being on the verge of leaving university in 1st year to currently being in 3rd year, starting up my own society that aims to make people smile and volunteering with Square Mile , I believe I have the relevant experience and skills to help make your year, at DMU an enjoyable one.

This is the part where I tell you what I think should be done to make welfare better, but DMU doesn’t spell Jessica. It’s all about “U”.  So, I went around and asked you students what you would like to see changed in university. And if elected I will do the following:


  • Somewhere to go when you are down but don’t know who to turn to. Maybe you need some space or maybe it is just one of those days. Sometimes it’s hard to speak up and say you need help.


  • It is important that you know you are not alone, you always have someone to speak to if needs be. More support, less waiting times, longer appointments are what we need.


  • Why does the world believe students are rich? Sometimes paying rent and trying to live till the next time you get some income is not easy. I want to change that.


  •  Missing home? Need help with managing yourself whilst away from home? Let me give you a few student hacks.  


  •   We all come from different backgrounds/cultures and experiences. There should be support that tailors to each of you.