VP Welfare and Community Candidate

Hi, I’m Dan Murgatroyd, and I’m running for VP Welfare and Community.

As the LGBTQ+ Part Time Rep for 2 years, I now want to make that leap and continue working to make De Montfort a better place. I want to expand our reach so the Students Union can be accessed by all the students off-campus, supporting them like we support all students on campus, and making them part of the brilliant work we do.

Be 21st Century

  • Push to create an online counselling service so more students can be supported
  • Make sure DSU online is clear, informative and helpful so we can be here for you anywhere

Be there for students:

  • Research into estranged & vulnerable students
  • Work with the University and Union to create additional resources on estrangement, homelessness and other difficult situations students may face
  • Campaign for additional funding to be made available to these students

Be inclusive

  • Make sure that everyone is free to be who they are
  • I will have an open door policy and reach out to students to find out what our community needs
  • Make events/resources for students who don’t study on campus

‘But why should we vote for you?’ I hear you say, and the answer is simple:

Experience and success. As a part time rep my track record so far is:

  • Educated the university on Trans and Intersex issues, triggering a guidance and policy update
  • Represented at four NUS Conferences
  • Helped organise DMUPride
  • Created an outreach program to teach LGBT+ Issues in local schools

I believe in the freedom to be, that everyone deserves equal opportunity and that diversity is the foundation of a strong Union, so let us move forward together.

   Once again, I’m Dan Murgatroyd, and thank you for considering me to be your new VP Welfare and Community.