VP Student Activities Candidate

During my Demon Island experience I realised the plethora of Societies available at DMU. This huge range of Societies makes for a friendly, inclusive and diverse Student Union.

What inspired me to stand for the role of VP Student Activities is that I know I can represent the societies views. I believe I can make a positive contribution by assisting with the facilitation of improving the relationship between the various societies and the University, for example in spacing, raising awareness or acquiring funding. The University invested over 1million pounds in the sports teams this year, I plan to disseminate the spending across all societies and sports teams.

Sports Teams
The biggest impact on the quality of my time spent as a student at DMU has come from the Sports teams. Not only has being part of the teams taught me invaluable life skills but it was here that I made friends which have made my time at university much easier. I want to encourage and prioritise investment from the University to promote the sports teams and see them grow both in numbers and quality.

An important part of a truly holistic university experience, is discovering the satisfaction gained by participating in some of the hugely exciting, often unusual, or unique, volunteering opportunities that DSU can signpost you to. I believe passionately that DMU square mile and DSU should work closely to open more doors, for more students to undertake fulfilling volunteer roles. 

I believe that charity really does begin at home. I will ensure that we have regular charity events throughout the year and RAG week, raising much needed funds for charities that we are passionate about. These events will be widely promoted and will raise the DMU and DSU profile amongst the wider community.